Plutonium Duster

by Area Man

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released August 26, 2016

Recorded at The Pluto Ghyang
All Art, Words, and Music by PMW NORTON
Guitar on Train by Gary Lee Norton
CC-BY-NC-SA 2016



all rights reserved


Area Man Indiana

Psychedelic electronic noise influenced by rust belt decay.

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Track Name: Tarburst
Our chest burst open
and light poured out
Track Name: Everyone Is Repulsive
This song contains the personal statements of various robots.
It may not reflect the opinions of any or all Area Men.
Track Name: Parasite
The machine's hammer and hum surrounds me
as every muscle aches
Thousands of hours memories rot together
with each moment you steal I'm more undone

you feed on
our blood

your need
is your weakness

We were not born
to serve you
We do not live
just to please you
Life is life's own end
Our light will burn all your lies

You feed on
our Hate

You can't swallow
our love

Defeat the parasite
inside yourself
Silence the leech inside
that fills you with doubt
Our value is intrinsic
not dictated by wealth
Lives are not stepping stones
not means to an end

you won't take
my life

time's on
our side
Track Name: Saw
Feel The Saw
cut The body

Feel it slide
through the Neck

Your Existence
obstructs progress
Our Expansion
requires your destruction
Arrange your corpses
into homes for us
We'll warm our children
with your Bones
Track Name: VDM
Snarling Snarling Snarling

Track Name: Train
Used to run that ball like a train
Thats how I got my name
No one could catch me
No one could touch me
And no one ever will...

Still runnin' like a train

Made a fortune on that dope trade
But I spent it all
Ol' Rico set me up
With his wires and his waggin' tongues

Still runnin' like a train

I got a son I never see
'cause he thinks I'm mean
'cause I hit his momma every day
Where it can't be seen

Still runnin' like a train
Track Name: Degenerate Architecture
Standing knee deep
in tangled weeds
that have have
degenerate architecture

Am I really here?
No, I'm just thinking again...
But the scent of ruin
calls me back to you

We won't be like them will we?
Molding in our Tombs...

But what is not plastic,
one day must waste away...
Track Name: Simulacrum
Plastic Body, Carbon Copy, Simulacrum, Bed Crumb, in my.....
All our nerves are set end on end on end
there is nothing we can do
All our nerves they are set end on end
there is nothing we can do

We feel our body begin to...
and we know this decay
We feel our body begin to go
and we know this decay

And the end feels like its coming
as the waves wash over
we rushed the side of the mountain
as the waters rose high

Plastic Body Carbon Copy
We begin to decay
Replaced with nothing
there is nothing
We begin to decay

Plastic Body Carbon Copy
We are meant to decay

Touching Her
Touching Me
Touching the Devils Iron
Touching the Devils Iron
We are shadows now
Touching the Devils Iron

Carbon Copy Plastic Body
We are set to replace

And we start to Decay

I cry my own name
Just to stay the same
My body decays everyday
Nothing is ever the same
Grasping and Clawing and Grasping and Clawing

We are copies
We are copies of nothing
We are copies of nothing at all